Tree felling

Tree felling

A company i used last week Stourbridge Tree Surgeons influenced me to write this article as a great deal of thought goes into their work.

Tree felling is indeed a dangerous job that may affect not only the arborist, but also other people who are near to the area. There were many instances that people died because of tree felling. And there were so many individuals who get hurt. In this connection, let’s try to understand how significant the job of Birmingham Tree surgeons.

Why do we need a tree surgeon?

  • A tree surgeon is the person you need when the trees in your backyard have to be cut, maintained its health, etc. You really have to seek for the service of these people if you want to be safe at home.
  • A tree surgeon can be able to create tree felling safely and securely. If you do it by yourself, be ready for other expenses. You may be sued of carelessness. You may be charged of paying hospitalization for individuals who get hurt once you do the process. And you may encounter worse experience than that. So, all you have to do is to give the job to a skilled tree surgeon.
  • A tree surgeon has the state of the art equipment. He can do the job in a speedy way. If you will try to look at the opposite side, tree felling will be done like how a turtle works. So, it will depend on you.
  • After tree felling, next is tree and stump removal. In a Birmingham tree surgeon, this is a part of his job. If you want to realistically save your money, you really have to experience their services. They do have a lower tree felling, tree and stump removal cost.
  • Aside from the quality customer service, we have knowledgeable tree surgeons. They can really do the job in an excellent manner.
  • They have sociable tree surgeons. Once you hire an arborist from us, he is easy to talk to. It is not difficult to ask him about the appropriate solution, etc.


Safe tree felling cuts

  • Top cut- Is the first from the other two cuts. It will result to an open faced notch. The notch is being done on one of the sides of the tree so that tree felling will be fast.
  • Bottom cut- Is the second from the other two cuts. It will also result to an open faced notch.
  • Back cut- Is the final cut. It is being done on the opposite side. It disconnects the trees from stumps but there will be a hinge that connects the trees and the stump. The hinge helps the tree felling.

The three cuts given above are the most effective way of successful tree felling. These are being studied by all of our tree surgeons and they are already expert in doing the cuts.

Tree felling can only be done by a skilled tree surgeons in a safe and secure way. You can also do tree felling but bear in mind that you may hurt somebody slightly or severely. If you do not want to have a problem or predicament in the future, you can count on our tree surgeons or arborists anytime.

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