What if improving your mental and physical health was as easy riding the bus, vehicle, taxis or any kinds of transportation?  Then what will you prefer?

Avoiding excessive stress, being physically active, driving safely and breathing fresh air are several of the well-known ways towards living a healthy life. Actually, using public transportation supports such things mentioned above but why do riding on public transportations such as taxis, bus, jeep and other forms of public services are essential? What are the benefits it can offer?

Public Transportation Benefits

Public Transportation provides easy access to important needs later on in life

According to the survey made by the Americans, they found that non-drivers take 15% fewer trips to the doctor, 65% fewer trips for religious activities, 59% fewer shopping trips than those who uses private or individual vehicle.  Actually, public transportation is one way for non- drivers, particularly for disabled and low-income senior individuals to gain easy to essential transport services. Aside from that, this will be able to make public transport the best option for those who want to go to other place who are on a budget.

Riding on public transportation saves money

Generally, with the help of public transportation, people do not need to hire a private car just to be there on time in the location. This means that an individual total travel expenses makes up less than the actual payment they could have in hiring a private transport service. Parking, gas price and car payments can be a primary concern of every commuters, especially when it comes to budget but using public transportation lessens those financial issues by the means of alleviating the need for having a new car or vehicle. In addition, instead of paying a private car, one can use the money for better medical services and to buy food for their living.

Public transport keeps air cleaner

In some cases, pollution is estimated as a common cause of death. However, public transportation such as buses which are newer diesel and electrically powered vehicles produce only less amount of pollution than cars that uses higher standards. In fact, according to reports, from year 1992 to 2009, the number of buses that are using alternative fuels including natural gas jumped to two to thirty per cent, which continues to increase up to these days.

Public transport can help reduce stress

Another important benefit of using public transport is that it improves easy access to employment and education which in return, leads to better living and long-term economic opportunities. Aside from that, it also offers easy access to recreational and social activities, allowing commuters to participate and be on the event.

Public Transit users become more active

Those who use public transportation get over 3 times the amount of physical activity, especially that they are walking just to wait for the bus and other vehicles.

The benefits of public transportation are very broad, especially in helping you to budget your daily allowance. If you want to try such benefits, then maybe try going for a public transportation.

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